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The AEVA is a modern hydroponic garden system that allows you to grow large indoor plants. Canadian made, this indoor garden makes vertical farming at home possible and beautifully complements your home. The AEVA can grow over 200 different plants, and up to 10 lbs of fresh, sustainable and pesticide-free produce on a monthly basis.

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The AEVA is a modern hydroponic garden system that allows you to grow large indoor plants. Canadian made, this indoor garden makes vertical farming at home possible and beautifully complements your home. The AEVA can grow over 200 different plants, and up to 10 lbs of fresh, sustainable and pesticide-free produce on a monthly basis.

It’s like a fancy Italian coffee machine but for your food!

With the same concept of being able to make a latte at home with the click of a button, with the AEVA you just put the
seed pod in, turn it on, and wait for your artisanal herbs, fruits, and veggies to grow!


Save money with hydroponic gardening

The AEVA can grow up to 10 lbs of produce per month. If you were to focus entirely on dark green vegetables,
that translates to 120 lbs of food per year, more than enough to replace/ supplement the estimated
annual family intake. While eating trends may have changed, the AEVA can
supplement and/or replace a substantial amount of your food intake.

Below is our savings calculator that allows you to select the grocery store bracket you shop at, the types of food you buy, and the amount of money you save in groceries if you were to grow with an AEVA.

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How the AEVA will arrive

We strive to deliver your AEVA through a seamless experience in three simple steps.


Place your AEVA order online

Got questions before placing your order? Our dedicated team of engineers and gardening experts are here to answer any questions may have.


We deliver the AEVA assembled

The AEVA comes fully assembled at your door. Simply find the right spot for it, and start growing!
Watch how to set it up here.


Grow your own produce and enjoy

Harvest and enjoy over 200 varieties of plants including herbs, leafy greens, tomatoes, strawberries and more on a monthly basis.

What’s included in the Starter Kit

The AEVA comes fully equipped so you can easily grow a variety of food all year round.
Here is what comes in your Starter Kit when you purchase an AEVA.

16 Seed Pods

Our seed pods are made of peat moss, so no soil is required with the AEVA. Simply place your plant seeds inside, and then place your seed pod into the plant hole.

1 Seedling Kit

This kit help the seedlings sprout and maintain moisture throughout their growth. All you need to do is place the seed pods in the seedling kit and watch them germinate!

2 Nutrients

For your plants to get the proper nutrients, we provide Aqua Vega Nutrient Blend, a salt-based liquid fertilizer. Add 20ml of both nutrients in your fresh tank of water.

Seed pods in
your kit

Grow your own rainbow of superfoods with a mix of these greens from your starter seed pods.
You will receive 4 each of these plants, for a total of 16 plants to get you fully started with your AEVA.

4 X Arugula

4 X Basil

4 X Lettuce

4 X Kale

  • Exciting to see our produce grow! Aeva became a daily routine where the family looks at how fast things grow! Can't wait to taste!

    – Phillipe
  • Strong consistent growth Plants are growing strong and consistently. They are not ‘leggy’ like in many other systems I’ve tried. Very happy with my purchase.

    – Caleb
  • An efficient system that brings farms closer to where
    people live, reducing distribution expense and
    environmental impact.

    – Marilyn Denis, The Marilyn Denish
  • Best decision I ever made! This thing changed my life. I am so excited to be growing my own greens and showing my Aeva off to everyone that comes over. People are instantly obsessed. I am so excited to keep trying new seeds and new recipes to go with them.

    – Elizabeth

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
My Phon Nguyen
Starting to grow!

We got our unit about 5 months after we ordered bc our first unit was damaged. Patrick did follow up regularly after the second unit was sent and sent us free seeds and pods. The second unit did arrive with some scratches and markings but it works. We have had it about 8 weeks now, Basil are growing well, I just rooted a Thai basil stalk in water and stuck it into the pod and it’s growing really well! You do have to start the seeds in the pods in the box they provided before putting the seedlings into the aeva. I haven’t been able to get anything to grow by just putting seeds directly into pods then into aeva. For herbs like basil, mints the aeva works well. For things like lettuce, cilantro, I prefer aerogarden. I can place lettuce seeds directly into the aerogarden pods and can harvest 28 days from date of starting seeds. It takes much longer to harvest lettuce from aeva. When the plants grow closer to the light, they grow much faster and my basil plant and leaves are much larger compared to the one in aerogarden. I haven’t been able to get cilantro or lavender to sprout in the seedling box for the aeva and they have been in there like 3 weeks :(. Overall, it’s a beautiful piece in our living room and does a great job with certain plants.

Mark Hermeling
Our own little garden right in the living room

We have our AEVA for a couple of weeks now and it is providing its first harvest. We are using the lettuce to mix with tomato salads and spices to liven things up. It is a great additional resource and the flavours of the vegetables that are THAT fresh are just amazing.

Great delivery, well built. Awesome device.

Lili Noire
Loving growing my own extremely local food.

I really love my just vertical garden. It is worth the wait to receive the handcrafted items. I am truly pleased with the results so far. I am about 3 weeks now of growing and I feel really excited to continue this project. My lettuce is already about 6 inches and filling out. It seems like each day its getting huge.

Everyone who comes to my house is so curious about it and i now love the extra added bonus of not having to use lights in the house in that entire area in the evening.

It makes my house feel like an ultra modern spaceship!

Bailey Edwards


Conner Tidd
Lots of colour

Growing in both the aeva and the eve now. Strawberries have started to turn colour. The eve is good but be careful I put a tomato plant in there and it grew through the lights. I would recommend the aeva for tomato’s and bigger plants. More basil than I know what to do with. Extremely satisfied with my purchases! Have recommended to lots of friends and family


How do you set up the AEVA?

To set up the AEVA, place it nearby an electrical outlet, plug it in, plant the seed pods that come with in your Starter Kit, fill in the water reservoir, and watch your plants grow!
For a detailed step-by-step guide, you can also consult our:
- User Manual
- Visual Guide
- Video Setup

Does my order already come with a set of seeds?

Yes! Upon placing an order for the AEVA, you also get a FREE set of 16 seed pods. You can also buy more here.

What kind of electrical outlet do I need?

A standard 120-volt, 3-prong electrical outlet.

Do I need soil?

No soil is needed; the AEVA uses grow plugs made from peat moss, an important component that releases moisture to plants as needed.

What about fertilizers?

For basic and optimal care for your plants, it is recommended to use fertilizers. The AEVA uses organic and salt-based liquid nutrients as fertilizers. When ordering your AEVA, these nutrients are included in your starter pack. To learn more about caring for your AEVA, consult the User Manual here.

Do I need to assemble the AEVA?

The AEVA is delivered at your door fully assembled so it is completely hassle-free and ready for you to plug and grow.

What kind of plants can I grow with the AEVA?

The AEVA allows you to grow up to 200 types of vegetables, fruits, and herbs. Check out our Seed Pods Collection to learn more!

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