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New Cabinet Colours

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Beautiful Design

Real Wood

Natural Look & Feel



Pesticide Free

Low Maintenance

Cabinet Color

Tired of throwing out that box of slimy spinach you swear you bought yesterday? Meet the AEVA - a sustainable indoor garden built into a beautiful furniture piece.  Welcome to the future of food.

📢  Introducing The AEVA

  • Grow 16 plants at once – all you need for a small salad every day
  • Less than 8 inches deep and 36 inches wide - takes up less space than 2 potted plants
  • Our systems are smart, so they water the plants for you automatically 48 times a day…. The days of killing all your potted plants are over
  • Built-in LED grow lights so you don’t need to worry about natural light
  • Comes fully assembled - we aren’t your typical Swedish retailer
  • Everything you need to get started is included. Simply find an outlet to plug in your new garden (don’t worry we provide a power bar in case you don’t have one)
  • Great for growing juicy tomatoes, hot peppers, and other large flowering plants
  • Free shipping (because who wants to pay for that!)
👨‍🌾  Everything You Want Gardening To Be:
  • Add water once every two weeks so you can vacation in peace
  • Real wood coupled with luxury furniture design. Built to fit into your living space without distracting from your immaculate interior decorating
  • Get growing in 4 easy steps: plug in your unit, place the seed pods into your garden, fill your water reservoir, watch it grow! No green thumb required
  • Less than 5 minutes of maintenance work per week makes gardening a sweat-free activity
  • Grow food you can’t get at the grocery store (Wasabi Arugala anyone?)

✅. Here For A For A Lifetime:

  • We are Green Business Certified; be confident you’re helping build a better world
  • 100+ Positive endorsements from happy customers
  • With our Growing Guarantee, we certify your plants grow or we send new ones for free!
  • We only build quality products, and to prove it we protect our gardens with a rock-solid 2-year warranty
  • Manufacturing full circle for us matters - our gardens are made using recycled plastics

We’re here for you beyond your purchase, our dependable master growers are always available to help from simple questions to deep learning about growing your own food.

Order Processing
All Just Vertical orders are processed at our manufacturing facility located in Toronto, Ontario.
We aim to ship orders from our facilities within 1-3 business days from the date you make your order.
Once your unit leaves our facility, the delivery company and time will depend on where you are located. You can find specific information for your location and unit on our shipping page.
Height 71.25” (1.77m)
Width 37” (91.5 cm)
Depth 8” (20 cm)
Weight 70 lbs (32 kg)
Cable Length 4 feet (1.22m)
Electrical A standard 120-volt, 3-prong electrical outlet
Cost in Electricity $3.56 CAD/month
Material Solid wood frame, Chrome Legs
Plant Capacity 16 plants
Watering Add water every 2 weeks
Power Consumption 0.072 kW / per hour
Type of Lights Full spectrum, fully-dimmable LED grow lights
1x 12L BPA-free water reservoir
1x Power bar with GFCI attachment
1x Pump housing black box
1x Submersible pump
2x LED lights and lighting automation system
1x Wall anchors



Our Produce Payback Promise

When you purchase a new AEVA, we will give you all the supplies you need to grow back the value of your garden right out of the box.

That’s right, we are including everything you need in the box to grow $1200 worth of produce.


Because we believe that food is a right and you should profit from your gardening.

Because you shouldn’t need to have a subscription service for your garden.

Because you should be saving money AND growing cool flavours.

Because fresh food already costs too much

And… most importantly

Because it is just the right thing to do.

Oh, and yes, we are the only company that does this.

And we are proud of it

Getting Started

Your Starter Kit

We include everything you need to grow for a full year.
  • What Comes With Your AEVA
  •   1L Nutrients
  •   1 Seedling Kit
  • Seeds:
  • 16 x Green Butter Lettuce
  • 16 x Red Butter Lettuce
  • 8 x Mustard Greens
  • 8 x Pak Choi
  • 12 x Basil
  • 8 x Peppermint
  • 8 x Chives
  • 8 x Dill

Looking For Something Extra?


Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Beautiful unit and excellent customer service!

We love our plant tower! We reached out to customer service for an extra part and received excellent customer service. The company really stands behind their products. Highly recommended!

Gayle A Frazer

I am disappointed that I have not received it yet it was supposedly shipped 2 weeks ago which would of been plenty of time for Christmas. And I received my seeds and beginning pack and these are all grown, good germination but the Aeva has not arrived yet and no communication from shipper as to the timing.

My Phon Nguyen
Starting to grow!

We got our unit about 5 months after we ordered bc our first unit was damaged. Patrick did follow up regularly after the second unit was sent and sent us free seeds and pods. The second unit did arrive with some scratches and markings but it works. We have had it about 8 weeks now, Basil are growing well, I just rooted a Thai basil stalk in water and stuck it into the pod and it’s growing really well! You do have to start the seeds in the pods in the box they provided before putting the seedlings into the aeva. I haven’t been able to get anything to grow by just putting seeds directly into pods then into aeva. For herbs like basil, mints the aeva works well. For things like lettuce, cilantro, I prefer aerogarden. I can place lettuce seeds directly into the aerogarden pods and can harvest 28 days from date of starting seeds. It takes much longer to harvest lettuce from aeva. When the plants grow closer to the light, they grow much faster and my basil plant and leaves are much larger compared to the one in aerogarden. I haven’t been able to get cilantro or lavender to sprout in the seedling box for the aeva and they have been in there like 3 weeks :(. Overall, it’s a beautiful piece in our living room and does a great job with certain plants.

Mark Hermeling
Our own little garden right in the living room

We have our AEVA for a couple of weeks now and it is providing its first harvest. We are using the lettuce to mix with tomato salads and spices to liven things up. It is a great additional resource and the flavours of the vegetables that are THAT fresh are just amazing.

Great delivery, well built. Awesome device.

Lili Noire
Loving growing my own extremely local food.

I really love my just vertical garden. It is worth the wait to receive the handcrafted items. I am truly pleased with the results so far. I am about 3 weeks now of growing and I feel really excited to continue this project. My lettuce is already about 6 inches and filling out. It seems like each day its getting huge.

Everyone who comes to my house is so curious about it and i now love the extra added bonus of not having to use lights in the house in that entire area in the evening.

It makes my house feel like an ultra modern spaceship!

The Growers Verdict

See what the AEVA means to Just Vertical grower Avery in a special grower review of Just Vertical.


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