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Just Vertical

Seed Starting Kit

Seed Starting Kit

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Start your own plants in a Just Vertical Seed Starting Kit - no experience (or green thumb) necessary. Grow your own way from seed to plate with a kit that includes a grow tray, seeds, peat moss plugs, and nutrients. Raise your own seedlings and transplant them into either your indoor or outdoor garden. 

Say hello to the Just Vertical seedling kit! 👋

  • Built to fit into your space. No more ugly plastic trays hidden in the basement.
  • Everything included to get started so it’s a breeze to get growing
  • Small, simple design makes it easy to move
  • Save money by starting your own seedlings
  • Grow whatever you want (yep, that means wasabi arugula too)
  • Know EXACTLY where your seedlings are coming from
  • Unbelievably easy setup
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