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Cleaning & Produce Storage Package

Cleaning & Produce Storage Package

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This cleaning and produce storage set makes an incredible add-on to your indoor garden - or just a great gift set! 

All of the products are hand picked by our team from local, sustainable, suppliers that have great branding and build quality products. In the package you will find....

Refillable household cleaning spray bottle and concentrate,  a refillable hand soap dispenser and concentrate, and a microfiber cloth for cleaning from Guests on Earth. We love this product because it actually looks like it should be on the countertop with their beautiful designs. As a bonus their refillable soap and cleaning concentrates smell amazing while being totally sustainable and safe to use with your indoor garden. 

Abeego beeswax food storage wraps that act like reusable saran wrap for all kinds of food in your house. These wraps are a staple around the Just Vertical office whether it is corking the leftover bottle of wine or wrapping up a half used onion these wraps are taking down plastic while keeping things fresh! This pack comes with a variety pack of sizes. 

Vejibag produce bags. These little miracle workers keep produce fresh for up to two weeks in the fridge, they act like the crisper drawer in your fridge but can be put anywhere in the fridge. We love these as often our veggie drawer is overpacked and we end up losing produce to wilting on the shelves. Vejibag puts an end to this and that is why we love their product! 

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