Refund Policy:

At Just Vertical we are fully confident in our products and our customers satisfaction with them. However, we understand circumstances change. If for any reason you do not want to go through with your order, we're here to help! We offer full refunds up until your unit has been shipped. If your unit has already been shipped, please contact

Shipping policy:

Seeds and pods are shipped using regular mail. For all of our gardens we use a specialty furniture carrier to make sure your garden gets to you safely. They will call you to set up an appropriate delivery time approximately two weeks after ordering. If you have any questions on when to expect your order please contact the Just Vertical team ( and we would be happy to answer any and all questions.


We are confident in our product and have built it to last. We offer a no questions asked full refund up until we ship your product. After we ship your product we offer a full warranty on all parts for the first 2 years and offer paid replacement parts after that. For all seeds we guarantee germination or else we will send you new seed pods free of charge. To get a replacement pod please contact our support team (