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Hydroponics Consulting Services

The team at Just Vertical has an incredible depth of experience in designing, building, and operating hydroponic farms from micro residential scale to full scale operations. We have personally built, designed, operated, and supported several full scale farms. Additionally, we have built out our own product line of hydroponic farms for the home and launched the product internationally.

Our team specializes in the following:

β€’ Custom in-home or other in-situ farm and garden design
β€’ Plant health
β€’ Hydroponic farm design
β€’ Standard operating procedures for hydroponic farms
β€’ Hydroponic growing R&D
β€’ Optimizing yields
β€’ Remote monitoring and sensing of farms
β€’ Tech support for hydroponic farms
β€’ Growing support for hydroponic farms
β€’ Regulatory support
β€’ Pathogen and disease prevention
β€’ Troubleshooting farm issues
β€’ Maintenance and upkeep of farms
β€’ Farming practices for optimal yields
β€’ Integrated pest management
β€’ Microgreen cultivation
β€’ Hardware and cultivar innovation
β€’ Production output forecasting
β€’ Cost benefit analysis for new farms
β€’ Analyzing nutrient and farm inputs
β€’ Sourcing farm inputs

Our team can assist you on an hourly basis or on a project basis. We are happy to assess any projects you have and scope out a constructive agreement to get you up and growing.

Kevin Jakiela
President, Head of R&D
+1 226 747-3458


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